An in-home athletic coach will work with you on building muscles.        

When your muscles are at their very best, you'll notice your joints work better, and you have more energy. Muscle building can be done using equipment or simple body weight. Our personal trainers in and around Paris will show you how to tone and reinforce your postural muscles, which hold the body upright, and phasic muscles, which are responsible for movement. In record time, our personal trainers will help you feel stronger and bring you closer to the harmonious, efficient body you've always dreamed of.

Through a series of exercises and our coaches' guidance, you will develop better neuromotor skills, optimize motor unit performance, and experience improved neuromuscular skeletal synchronization. Our coaches will also help you prevent injuries such as tendonitis, torn ligaments or cartilage damage. Our coaches will make sure you do each exercise correctly and efficiently, without risk of injury. And you can bet they'll be there to motivate you too! Muscle building for seniors will improve their range of movement for pain-free daily tasks (i.e. lifting and moving), and help prevent falling, by developing better leg muscles. 

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