Cardio training is health in a nutshell !

It's by far the quickest, most efficient way to lose weight.

Cardio training focuses on any activity that directly engages the cardiovascular system (i.e. running, biking or interval training).

The Momentum personal trainers will help you define the level of intensity that's right for you, ensure that you're well-hydrated and introduce you to the cardio exercise you love and can't do without. They'll help you set goals and achieve them. Our personal athletic coaches are trained to help you, listen to you and make training sessions fun. Whether you're looking for a regular training pace or interval training, the Momentum coaches will find the perfect level of intensity to get you burning calories during and long after your session. 

You can opt to train outside or in your own home, especially if you have a mat or a bike. We also offer quick weight loss programs: running+biking, couples training or courses for people with different performance levels. Our Momentum trainers are there to identify injury risks. They will monitor your exertion based on your heart rate. Generally speaking, this kind of training will improve your cardiorespiratory performance and protect you from cardiovascular risks. Cardio training also slows down the development of heart disease. You will enjoy greater quality of life and tone your muscles at the same time. We suggest you round out these sessions with Cross Fitness to improve your metabolism's reflexes, and Core Training to optimize overall body toning



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