Long seen as a "defense secret" used exclusively by Soviet special forces, today Systema is a major influence in combat sports, self-defense and self-control.

Break the codesUnlike other martial art forms, there are no required uniforms or strictly defined techniques, positions or routines. Individuals are free to devise the best strategy for each situation.

 A state of mindKnowing oneself, and how to respond to an attack, are more important than repeating the same gestures ad infinitum. Breathing techniques, improved perception of and reaction to danger, and stress management form the basis of Systema.



Who’s the strongest? Not the biggest or meanest, that’s for sure! Systema redefines strength and wellness. To combat effectively, a person needs to be perfectly relaxed and at ease with his surroundings. Building on this idea, Systema is accessible to everyone, including men and women of all body types.  

 Everyday applicationsOn the subway, at work, or in the street, Systema will change your perspectives on the world and its potential conflicts.

 Every class is different – Systema combines several disciplines (i.e. boxing, jujitsu, Pilates, tai chi, aikido and wrestling) and exercises (strength training, flexibility, relaxation, self-defense, cardio, sparring, and floor fighting). No two classes are alike; on the contrary, each is a new lesson in dealing with different situations.


Free your mind and body to improve your reactions - a great strategy for combat, a great strategy for life!



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