Experience the benefits of yoga, the ancient stress management technique!.

Yoga is an ancient Indian technique that focuses on the inner self: developing awareness and becoming attuned to what's happening within, for a deeper sense of self-knowledge and inner peace. There's nothing like a yoga class to calm the endless storm of thoughts in today's hectic world! Yoga is a complete method combining psycho-physical elements, practical applications and spiritual health

Trained by the greatest masters, our yogis will help you work on postures, breathing exercises and meditation to improve flexibility, and physical and mental control. Combined with a balanced diet geared to your individual needs, our teachers will aid you in obtaining a healthy, flexible body and calm, dynamic personality: you will feel healthy and fulfilled. 

Yoga is for everyone, from children to seniors, pregnant women and overworked or stressed individuals. The benefits work wonders for anxiety, cardiovascular issues, insomnia and digestive problems. For athletes, in combination with detoxifying massages and sophrology sessions, yoga has proven remarkable for mental preparation before a competition. The therapeutic value of yoga is universally recognized; recent studies have shown surprising results in special needs of children. 


We offer Ashtanga, Hatha yoga, Raja yoga and breathing yoga. 


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