devis en_ligneA martial arts coach will teach you to control and defend yourself 


Following a personalized assessment to determine your goals and physical capacity, you can try one or more of these martial arts: 


coach self defenseSelf-défense

One of Momentum's specialties. The goal is to teach you the basics of staying safe in a threatening situation. Our personal instructors will show you the simple gestures and attitudes that will make all the difference. 

coach MMAMMA

THE in sport! MMA is based on a single question: what's the best martial art? MMA combines various styles: English, American, Thai or French boxing, karate, taekwondo, Brazilian ju-jitsu, wrestling, judo and sambo. 

coach gorytsaGorytsa

Fight Club and Snatch fans, this is the sport for you! This Asian boxing style is done bare-handed, very simply, with incredibly efficient results in real confrontations. 

coach boxe fitnessfitness Boxing

Fast-paced classes, the best way to let off some steam! Fitness boxing gives you all the benefits of boxing without the drawbacks. It's a quick way to develop your cardio and muscle tone with no risk of injury. 

coach boxeBoxing

Our seasoned professionals will help you safely learn the basics of this noble art form. You can stick with English boxing or have a crack at other forms, such as American, Thai, or Chinese boxing, Sanda, or Russian. 

coach capoeiraCapoeira

In this martial art originally from Brazil, a mixture of rhythm, movement and play takes precedence over actual fighting. Movements focus on shifting your weight, and require a lot of abdominal strength; thus capoeira is great for toning the abs and buttocks. 

Momentum personal trainers teach martial arts with specific goals in mind, i.e. self defense, learning a new discipline, losing weight, body sculpting, better movement, easier breathing, or stress management.

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