Tone and relax through postural therapy

The goal of postural therapy is to reinforce weak muscles and stretch and relax tense muscles. This method works toward a harmonious, centered, straight, flexible yet strong body posture. Exercises are simple in the beginning and get progressively more complicated. Postural therapy can be helpful for people recovering from injuries, but it can also be practiced as an additional activity for amateur or competitive athletes. The benefits include better performance in day-to-day activities as well as on the playing field. Professional fighters or MMA practitioners as well as cross-fitters will benefit from this mode of reinforcement.

The emphasis on deep muscle work, concentration, posture and breathing will give you an immediate sense of well-being and conviction that "you can do better."

Through postural therapy, you will develop strength, flexibility and mobility in the torso area. You will stabilize your body and release areas of tension. Little by little, you will shape and tone your body. And finally, you will correct and improve your posture. 


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